This is the story of coffee; the humble beginnings of that magical elixir and how its future may be in jeopardy. Follow in the footsteps of high altitude coffee farmers on the slopes of the Volcano Acatenango in Guatemala; exploring the dedication and love invested into the soil, as well as the challenges faced by their families. The coffee farms have been passed from generation to generation, with over 100 years of cultivating the same soil, but the next generation may decide to walk away.



The little town of Yepocapa sits below the Volcanoes Acatenango and Fuego in the mountains of central Guatemala. The volcanic soil, high altitude, and moderate climate make for nutrient and flavor rich coffees. The same volcanoes that provide the area with constantly refreshed soil also make growing less hardy plants all but impossible.




Devon Barker | Director

Devon is an editorial and adventure photographer/filmmaker who developed his love of photography and film while exploring the backwoods of Colorado. Specializing in editorial storytelling and photojournalism, he strives to bring a human connection to socio-economic issues through non-profit work and a unique style and flare to his commercial work.

Sarah Schwab | Cinematographer

Sarah Schwab is a videographer and photographer based in Southwest Colorado. From the depths of Alaskan wilderness to the heights of the Himalayas, to the everyday street scene golden hour, Schwab is most interested on focusing on the stories of those who are living life to the fullest, protecting natural environments and mitigating social issues.

Carlos Tax Illu |Cinematographer/Audio

Born and raised in Yepocapa, Carlos’ journey started with a homemade paper camera and the drive to be an entrepreneur. When he isn’t volunteering teaching a computer class at the local school, you can find him in his homemade studio producing video and voice overs for everything from local TV spots to foreign documentaries.

Abdiel Tax Illu | Production Coordinator

Also born and raised in Yepocapa, Abdiel (aka Chino) moved to Guatemala City for a decade before returning to Yepocapa to volunteer as a translator and English teacher. For the past year he has worked with the local Coffee Co-Op, using his english and translating skills to help them obtain their export license, which allows them to trade directly with buyers.

Kaydee Barker | Line Producer

Kaydee can usually be found either furiously typing out grant letters and narrations or hanging upside down indulging her passion for aerial dance. Kaydee is a self proclaimed life enthusiast and if you happen to catch her in the midst of coordinating everything that Devon forgot (including the all important food) you just might find yourself along for the ride!

Ryan Chipman | Production Assistant

After many trips and months in Guatemala, Ryan fell in love with the community of Yepocapa. His passion for coffee farmers caused him to form Yepocapa Coffee, which gave him valuable insight into the local coffee industry and culture. When not goofing off in typical Chapin fashion, he takes care of the details.

Corey Kopischke | Stills Photographer

From traveling in foreign lands with missionaries to experiencing the greatest athletes in the industry to sharing the most important day in many people’s lives, photography has been the greatest outlet for creative expression in Corey’s life.

Jack Vanderbeek | Key Grip / Cameraman

While not studying physics and mathematics at Lewis and Clark College, Colorado native Jack can be seen exploring and appreciating the outdoors. Primarily an avid action sports videographer, Jack is now stoked to shift his lens from skiing at resorts across the US to documenting socio-economic issues presented to our world today.



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